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Wildcraft Forest is all about the sensible and appropriate use of medicinal and culinary herbs in diet and healthcare. We hand mix and hand pack on our own premises delivering you a quality product every time.
Gathered with Tradition
Our artisan teas are prepared in limited editions with every bottle or package numbered and signed and then displayed with an original label designed in our studio. Our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness.
Raspberry Leaf & Sweet Clover Blend
The Secret is an artisan blend tea consisting of wildcrafted raspberry leaves, sweet clover, spearmint, apple mint mixed with a hint of wild bergamont and thimble berry leaves.
$24.99 - Bottle of Loose Tea

Self Heal Blend with Spearmint
Right of Passage wild tea is an artisan blend of wildcrafted self heal, spearmint, wild mint, lemon tyme and calendula flowers.
$24.99 - Bottle of Loose Tea

Infused with the Energy of a Crystal
Coyote Sleeping Mint is an artisan blend of wildcrafted spearmint mixed with a hint of ponderosa pine, clover, wild rose leaves, mullein and thimble berry leaves.
$24.99 - Bottle of Loose Tea

A wild tea named for the ancient Druid summer harvest celebration. This artisan blend includes a variety of sacred wild herbs gathered from the foot of Coyote Sleeping on the edge of the Monashee Mountains. Lammas Tide is an artisan blend of wildcrafted spearmint mixed with a hint of  clover flowers, hawthorn leaves and thimble berry leaves.
$11.99 - Medium Jar of Loose Tea
$8.99 - Small Jar of Loose Tea with Oxeye Daisies

We wildcraft artisanal herbal teas, health and culinary blends and fine art made from the wilds of British Columbia’s mountains and forests.