We offer life support for eclectic Earthlings eager to  capture wellness and inspiration that mixes tastes and experiences connected to a sense of placea wild place.

There’s different ways you can begin to become Wild.
  • You can shop and collect Wildcraft Forest tastes and experiences.
  • You can enroll and participate in one of our tours, workshops, events or work in the wild programs.
  • You can volunteer to become a Wildcraft Harvester which means you also help us with habitat protection and rehabilitation efforts.
  • You can become a Wildcraft Forest dealer by registering with us as a licensed storefront or by becoming a Wild Tea Party Planner.
  • You can open a Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri Store or invest in one of our Wildcraft Investment Programs.
As a business, a Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri Store allows you to enter into a new part of the wellness industry, one that will create a better planet. Wildcrafted products are sought after world-wide and we link you with a team that will help you create a fully diversified approach to prosperity.

We offer a license opportunity for you to become a Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri Dealer or Store owner. We provide small store opportunities that are a perfect companion or add-on to an existing store. This allows you to add revenue to your existing business and allows you access to a wider customer base.

Our small Apothecaeri stores are reasonably priced and we can provide financing to eligible applicants. Our larger Spa Apothecaeri’s are perfect for resort businesses.

We provide many opportunities for investment, contact us and we will share with you further details so that you can begin your journey to become Wild with the Wildcraft Forest.

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Open a Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri Store
Our unique tisane blends are proving to be a popular specialty tea wherever they have been made available. We create our blends utilizing age old techniques from family recipes that date back generations. These techniques enhance the natural sweetness levels of herbs, berries, roots and leaves making our blends flavourful and adventurous.

At our forest we use wild dynamic permaculture methods for growing a vast variety of herbs, fruits and berries which we also place in our blends. We produce loose tea like a fine wine. Specialty teas/tisanes are poised to boom in the marketplace and wildcrafting is beginning to make a noise in that marketplace. It is associated with “local”, “organic”, “sustainable”, “fair trade” and “Earth regenerative” – in fact many of your customers are already searching for Wildcraft Forest Tea.

Our "artisan" teas are prepared in limited editions with every bottle or package numbered and signed and then displayed with an original label designed in our studio.

We can provide you with a Retailers Starter Kit which includes inventory, retail tools and methods by which you can brand and promote Wildcraft Forest to your customers. We also provide tea blenders with bulk supply. We harvest a variety of botanicals and we can supply you with dried and crushed product within a contract growing agreement.

If you are interested, please give me a call or send me an email.

Don Elzer
Owner – Wildcraft Forest
Discovery Centre – 250.547.9812
Wildcraft Forest Wholesale Opportunities
Go wild with your menu...
Our wild teas provide your café or restaurant with a great taste edition to your menu. At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts.

  • Our new Habitat Teas are blends specifically designed for cafes and restaurants.
  • Our Naked Hippie Cocktail Blends are designed specifically as alcohol mixers.

Get started with our
Wild Server Pack for $210
Email us to place your order or call us at 250.547.2001 or 250.547.9812

Offering life support
for eclectic
Become a Master Wildcrafter
Wildcraft Forest School is the first educational center to offer a Wildcrafting Bioregional Studies Certificate(WBSC) and a Wildcraft Practitioners Diploma (WPD) for Master Wildcrafters. The school operates within a co-mentorship structure and connects students with ancient Shamanic teachings. The Wildcrafting Bioregional Studies Certificate is intended to strengthen Permaculture Design Courses and offers students an opportunity to learn and practice stewardship, restoration and harvesting in remote wildland areas. The following represents the course offerings presently avaiable for at Bioregional Studies Certificate(WBSC).

Wildcrafting Basics

Wildcrafting By Design

Registration and School Information
open a store
The Wildcraft Forest is a working forest and farm and it is also a workshop centre.
We issue a Wildcraft Practitioners Diploma. We offer seasonal classes, seminars, fieldtrips and workshops which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals. The studio village has been operating as a workshop centre for over 30 years. We seek to bring quality programming, from leading edge artists, thinkers and do’ers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our scope is to link the arts, creativity, permaculture, food, wellness and activism with wildcrafting.
Please view the current learning programs we have a available as well as our registration information.
Wildcraft Forest 1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada
Discovery Centre 250.547.9812 - Email: treks(at)uniserve.com - Web www.wildcraftforest.com
Wildcrafters Promise
You can find an entire Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri at the Wildcraft Forest.

Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri
Production Facility and Main Inquiries
1981 Highway 6
Lumby, British Columbia
Discovery Centre – 250.547.9812
Email: treks(at)uniserve.com
Contact us if you would like to become a retailer or distributor - Email