Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Programs:
The Wildcraft Forest School statement
regarding Plant Spirit Medicines

For over two decades now the Wildcraft Forest School has been teaching about plant spirit medicine. Our perspective on these teachings is very clear, we believe all plants have spirit, and all plants carry medicinal properties. Our perspective that all plants and trees carry plant spirit medicine is unique to popular culture which has isolated this term to only a small collection of plants such as Cannabis and Peyote.

It’s important to understand that in order to engage with the true healing power of a plant we must understand a collection of things. First to understand the various roles that the plant has in a wild ecosystem and to understand these roles we must understand the natural guilds that interact with the plant. Each plant is supported by these guilds it’s how they survive, strengthen and have purpose. As humans it is our role to interact as stewards so that these guilds can naturally support themselves, when we do this we become part of the guild and we have a working and spiritual relationship with these plants and ultimately the ecosystem, the planet and the cosmos.

Understanding a plants relationship in the ecosystem as well as its healing properties tells us whether the plant has ego which might make it more aggressive; or contemplation which might provide calmness. These are two examples of many that relate to the behaviour of a plant and this becomes important within the field of plant spirit medicine.

For years we have been asked to provide training related to plants such as Cannabis, Hemp, Peyote and various types of psilocybin mushrooms, we had declined giving that training because of the cultural dynamics that revolve around these biotics. However with legalization we have found it necessary to become engaged with offering training because we feel it is so important to broaden the message of our plant spirit medicine perpspective for the good of the planet.

By wildcrafting Cannabis, Hemp, Peyote and others we can slowly incorporate these plants into the natural guilds found within native habitat – we are in essence rewilding these plants. By understanding the plant guardians that compliment these plants we are instilling a natural stability which will dampen the ego of these plants so that they may be strengthened for more balanced healing.

The Wildcraft Forest School is seeking to wildcraft plant spirit medicine and to train guides and practitioners to spread this practice worldwide. What we are presenting is not for everyone, and it will not be the industry standard, but it will become a significant practice within the field of plant spirit medicine and rewilding consciousness.

-Don Elzer
Founder, Wildcraft Forest School

Thankyou for considering the Wildcraft Forest School
Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program