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I promise to dedicate my life to the protection of Planet Earth and her organic multidimensional systems and to elements of sentient stewardship driven by “agape” principles. I will take personal responsibility for the human presence on Planet Earth; and will seek to solve problems and restore her natural systems that support life and the presence of being.
“Rewild” is the distance-learning program offered by the Wildcraft Forest School. We offer online courses, seminars and outdoor challenges and restoration programs which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals.

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Mystery School
With the Earth being placed at risk it has become necessary to find, educate and initiate new keepers of ancient wisdom. In every Wildcraft Forest School course new keepers have emerged and in order to further support this effort we have made public our Mystery School that will share the “lesser mysteries” in this realm we call "wild mysticism".

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Plant Spirit Medicine Guide Certification
Distance Learning Cost: $1200 (Canadian Dollars)

You may register using this secure Paypal link:
Plant Spirit Medicine Guide provides clients with a basic knowledge on how to grow sacred plants in a small foot print environment and offers coaching methods by which clients can further connect with plant spirit medicine in a natural healing environment. A guide offers programs and events that will help clients connect with sacred plants in healing environments.

distance learning
Guide Certification

This program offers participants a chance to understand plant spirit medicine as part of the natural world and how sacred plants should be nurtured without chemicals and genetic engineering. The program also offers participants a certification that will assist them in achieving management level positions within a variety of wellness sectors.

This Distance Learning Program offers an understanding of sacred plants such as cannabis and mushrooms within a wild, backyard, home or small footprint commercial environment. The series includes methods of guiding clients into natural environments, ceremonies and meditations that will allow them to experience plant spirit medicine within a relationship to other wild species that will support regenerative stewardship. Lessons within the program offer learning experiences with nature’s nutrients, which include phytoncides as well as ancient remedies and aromas.

This online certification series is a great way to learn about better health and lifestyle choices and gives participants a chance to explore opportunities linked to plant spirit medicine teachings. Guide Certification can assist in both career and self-employment, endeavors especially suited for education, healthcare, food, nutrition and counseling.

Section 1
An introduction to plant spirit medicine.
Historical and Scientific Perspectives
Cultural Attitudes and Trends

Section 2
Wildcrafting Sacred Plants such as Cannabis, Peyote
Plant Ecology
Small Footprint Growing and Production
Re-wilding Medicine

Section 3
Applied Wild and Indigenous Sciences
Plants and Ecology Studies, Biosemiotics, Microbe Studies
The “Guardian Spirit Complex”
Plant deities, ceremonial protection and sacred practices
The nature and methods of ecstasy and soul travel.

Section 4
Transformation and Transmutation of Sacred Plant Treatments
Energy and Frequency Studies
Ceremonial and Life Guidance.
Sound and organics
Plant deities, ceremonial protection and sacred practices
The nature and methods of ecstasy and soul travel.

Section 5
Adding value and markets
Guiding as a practice
Working collaborations and building an audience and demand.

Lessons are delivered within pdf document study guides, video presentations and optional online group interactions. Participants are encouraged to learn and engage at their own speed and comfort levels.

When you register for this Plant Spirit Medicine Certification course you will recieve Lesson 1 within three to five days.
Plant Spirit Medicine Guide Certification Distance Learning Registration $1200