Updated June 12th 2020:
The Wildcraft Forest addresses concerns about the global  COVID-19 virus.

The Wildcraft Forest School is in full operation but with social distancing protocols in place. Please only visit or attend if you are in good health.

At present the various provinces in Canada have different criteria when it comes to domestic travel. We suggest to our students that they should use their best judgment when deciding to travel.

Crossing the Canadian international border requires that travelers apply for entry so be sure to contact border crossings in advance of your departure. This also holds true for air travel into Canada.

We are now pooling most of our international students including those from the US to program dates in August, September and October, we believe that border and flight restrictions will be lifted by that time. We are doubling up on class sizes to accommodate more students during this period.

If you are an international student and wish to attend before August and find yourself having to perform a 14-day isolation period, you may be able to do this here at the Wildcraft Forest, but you must be in good health. Please contact us for such arrangements.

If you find yourself delayed because of travel restrictions we are emphasizing tangible options that will allow you to move forward with our programs as follows:

  • When you enroll within any camp program, you are allowed to move your placement to any available date in the future. So in the event that you can’t make your booking, you will not lose your booking, it simply waits for you to confirm a new available date even if it is for next year. This is a common occurrence for us and this policy remains active now and into the future.

  • When you enroll within any camp certification program you begin with an online training component that must be adequately completed. This training compliments your camp attendance but also allows you to begin your training for up to four months in advance of attending your camp.  So if you are uncertain about when to attend a camp, you can enroll now, begin your online training and then select a date that fits with your schedule even if it is next year.

  • When you enroll within any of our Distance Learning Programs you can use your registration fees as a credit for camp programs linked to certification advancement. For example if you register for Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guide Certification Distance Learning the regular fee is $520 (Canadian). Should you want to advance into Practitioner Certification and attend one of our training camps, we will then deduct the $520 you had previously paid, from the Practitioner Certification fees. This has been a longstanding policy and encourages people to get started with their training sooner than later.

  • We may experience a slight slowdown within the global economy. In order to assist you with possible budget challenges we are now offering financing on all programs and services that have rates and fees of over $800. We review financing proposals on a case by case basis and we ask that you contact us.

  • In order to encourage those who are further struggling with economic hurdles we are offering a gift placement for every six paid registrations. At the moment there are around 20 people on a waiting list who are eligible for gift placements, however if you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us so that you may provide us with a proposal.

  • When you are making travel arrangements know that we will not be canceling any programs or program dates, this will allow you to have confidence when planning or rescheduling travel arrangements.

We trust that you will find these points helpful during these uncertain times.

Thankyou for considering the Wildcraft Forest School