3 wild teas
The Wildcraft Forest “Vibe” is a subscription service that allows you to have our unique wild tisanes and cocktail blends delivered to your door.
As wildcrafters we promise to protect Planet Earth and to understand wild places and plant spirit medicines that consider biodiversity and shadow biodiversity.
Now we are sharing what we have discovered… with you. Our Promise
Discover the Earthling part of “you” through our Vibe Tea of the Month Club.
Three Wildcraft Forest Teas Every Month
Upon subscribing, you'll begin receiving your monthly Wild Tea Pack with three limited edition blends that have been carefully harvestd and prepared at the Wildcraft Forest. Our Wild Tea Pack averages over 50 cups of tea ( 2.5oz/ 70 grams). We will also provide you with a monthly surprise gift.

You will be considered a member of the Wildcraft Forest Vibenation so you will have access to special offers and adventures. For your subscription, each month, we will automatically bill you {on the date of your initial wild tea order}. All orders are shipped out from our production facility via Canada Post on the 3rd and the 15th of the month and will arrive at your home shortly after. We offer free shipping for Canada & continental USA!

International Subscription Memberships are $35 per month

Become a member and order your Wildcraft Forest Tea

As wildcrafters we create tisanes within a dedicated promise to protect and restore Planet Earth. We offer you a wild tea subscription service that we call “Vibe”. For just $25 per month, you can have the world's most unique teas and cocktail mixes delivered to your door each month.
Three Wild Teas Monthly
Wild Vibe Subscription
Wild Vibe Subscription
Wild Vibe Subscription
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