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The Wildcraft Forest is home to the Watershed Intelligence Network which is an activist New Media organization. Our focus is to help individuals, organizations, businesses and governments deliver good work within efforts that will better protect the environment and expand elements of stewardship social justice and equality.

The Watershed Intelligence Network was founded as a social enterprise by Don Elzer and a small group of associates. Don Elzer has been working in the field of community economic and cultural development since 1980, first as an activist, publisher and designer then as a planner and journalist.

Located at the Wildcraft Forest, the Watershed Intelligence Network (WIN) is an independent, cooperative, social enterprise organization. We foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to create Earth and Water stewardship that will make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life sustaining for all living beings.

Watershed Intelligence Network Extension Services

The Wildcraft Forest School is a center that delivers non-institutional learning. From a forest environment, the school offers skills, insights and inspiration for creating good stewardship and positive change in the world. It engages participants in transformative education that includes wild dynamics, personal empowerment, responsibility and co-mentorship. Most of the courses integrate experiential learning and ancient wisdom within the context of wildcrafting and challenges students to perform stewardship tasks as part of various certifications.

In 2015, the Wildcraft Forest School began to provide students with an “extension” program that is delivered by the Watershed Intelligence Network. WIN Extension Services can be described as an organized exchange of information and the deliberate transfer of skills where students apply work, research, advocacy, stewardship and problem solving within bio-regions, communities and ecosystems. This effort helps to facilitate interplay and nurture synergies within a vast complex of capacity building efforts, which then enables change in individuals, communities, cooperatives and enterprise.
Wildcrafters Promise
Through volunteer efforts and through the sale of Wildcraft Forest tea, products and educational services we deliver regenerative efforts that are described by many to be “good work for the living planet, places and people”. So every time you support us, it helps us with various efforts.
Wild Pollination Efforts
We are seeding forest clearcut areas with native flowering plant species so that more pollinators will be supported within these areas. We are supporting honey bee pollination by increasing the population of wild flowers within bee foraging range which will aid in the health of bee colonies and the honey that is produced.
Wildcraft Forest Restoration and Regenerative Efforts
Oak Moss Propagation
We have created a method by which Oak Moss lichen can be propagated and supported in its wild habitat. Oak Moss is a primary ingredient within perfumes and demand for the lichen is placing biodiversity at risk in some areas around the world – so it’s important that Oak Moss be propagated.

Meadowland Restoration
We are creating new models that will restore cattle pasture areas and turn them into natural meadowlands capable of supporting more pollinators and returning biodiversity. Our regenerative models also provide opportunities for cattle producers to transition to wild flower crops that are in demand as natural ingredients in food, medicines, nutriceuticals and cosmetics.

Dennison Bonneau Lake Monitoring
Now a provincial park, this area is rich in sub-alpine habitat but it remains remote to visitors but not to logging. We are raising the profile of nature-based tourism in the area so that it will be monitored and protected from resource extraction.

Barb Lake Forest Wetlands
Restoration and Monitoring
Barb Lake represents a primary forest wetland that is rich in biodiversity. Currently we are restoring areas of this lake and wetland where it can be used for studying and exploring aquatic ecosystems. We make special efforts to help restore privately held lands so that they can be returned to the wild.

Sequoia Research and Propagation
We study climate change, and we are aware that ecosystems may want to move as climate shifts. We are researching and testing Sequoia trees as a species that may transition into the Monashee.

Seed Guild Gathering
We collect and save seeds from wild species and retain them in “Mother Tree guilds” so that a “plant memory” can be retained within the guild and the forest.

Wild Forest Seed Education and Distribution
We educate and develop systems of distribution so that people can rewild their communities. For example inside the package fold of Wildcraft Forest “Yasei Shinrin Yoku Tea” is a wild seed guild – that people can plant and grow. Each guild has a number so that they can go online and know what seeds they are growing and how to start them – we also explain the power of the seed guild.

Interpretive Trail Development
We continue to create models and systems for interpretive trails and we pilot those systems at the Wildcraft Forest.

Habitat Protection Advocacy
Through media campaigns and publications we educate, inform and advocate for the restoration of wild habitat; we demand at least a 300-year view of planning and we seek to re-wild contemporary culture. We do a lot of this through our own e-magazine.

Regenerative Incubation
We create tangible actions and products that super-localize diet and lifestyle. We pool efforts and resources to incubate new products and services that will have a dramatic and positive long-term effect for planet Earth and the human experience.

Forest School
At the Wildcraft Forest where does our financial and human capacity support come from so that we can deliver these efforts?
  • Local Government: 0%
  • Provincial Government: 0%
  • Federal Government: 0%
  • Non-Governmental Organizations: 0%
  • Corporate Sponsorship: 0%
  • Institutional Research Grants: 0%
  • Wildcraft Forest through volunteer passion and participation; working partners; school course enrollments and events; tea, art, craft and product sales: 100%

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Through the Wildcraft Forest School we teach people to become stewards of planet Earth, and by doing so we create a ripple effect whereby we reach more people. Here’s the promise we make.
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