mother tree

The Wildcraft Forest nurtures regenerative stewardship that supports what we call a “Mother Tree Regenerative System”. The plants we harvest within this system are included within our “Mother Tree Dispensaries” which we make available to healthcare professionals through Wildcraft Forest Botanicals.

This system considers that the forest seeks to function as a living organism. As it moves and expands it creates “seed trees” also known as “Mother Trees”. The forest spirits the growth of these Mother Trees on her edge where she seeks to expand into a meadow or a savannah. She populates these edges with the spread of a great number of seeds and is assisted by messengers, which spread the seeds even further. The Mother Tree creates a forest community within a larger forest community interlocking a network of life and frequencies that link all the Mother Trees and then the greater forest nation.

This network of life creates sentient energies that are powered by the Mother Tree, which provides the “life force” for all that is connected to her. From place to place the forest has different energies depending on where Mother Trees are located, the ancients knew this power which can be described as the “qi field”.

The Mother Tree Regenerative System supports the mission of wildcrafting in the following ways:

  • We will support causes and actions that would never cut down a Mother Tree.
  • Recognizes that medicinal and food plants need to be harvested from areas where the appropriate elemental energies exist for the heart, mind etc.
  • Transforms Wildcrafters into lightworkers between the Mother Tree and humanity.
  • Recognizes that wood for a house and home requires that it be harvested in an area where qi has the power of love and nurturing.
  • Recognizes that wood for building a business structure requires that it be harvested in an area where qi has the power of prosperity and good luck.
  • Encourages everyone to not accept clearcutting methods because the wood is without proper qi and will be bad luck – this seeks to change the current practice of industrialized resource extraction. 
  • Sends a message that we need to protect and stay within reach of the Mother Tree.

If you are interested in a Mother Tree Dispensary or to learn more about the Mother Tree Regenerative System please contact us.

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