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Please note that our camp membership is based on double occupancy so you can bring a spouse, partner, friend or family member…it’s like a two for one!
Also note that all of our membership fees can be applied to course enrollment fees for that given year so its like the best learning discount ever!

Annual CSW Camp Membership - $240
Join us for “Community Supported Wildcrafting” (CSW), we believe in meaningful holidays and this is a chance to have a home away from home where you can absorb the energies of the natural world, commune with others of like-mind and perform meaningful activities that will help regenerate planet Earth. Join us for this special membership, which includes:
  • 12 days of forest and farm-stay camping in one of our Sanctuary Forests from May to October. Use your 12 days one day at a time or more.
  • Camping membership is based on double occupancy.
  • Unlimited drop-in access.
  • 10 digital issues of the “Sanctuary Forest Almanac”
  • Access to our “BeadCoin” honorarium program.
  • Course, product and event discounts.
  • “Vibe” Simple Pleasure Box subscription discount.

Please remember that if you enroll in any Wildcraft Forest School program we’ll deduct the “Annual CSW Camp Membership” price that you paid for in that given year.

June 19 & 20 or
August 14 & 15
at the Wildcraft Forest
Located in the North Okanagan outside of Lumby, British Columbia
New Energy Festival 2021
We walk with geniuses who are frozen in silence. In a world where intellectual acceptance has become institutionalized, invention from the commons has become stifled. They live among us, along country roads and in our neighbourhoods those people who have the extraordinary abilities to solve our great problems, however often they require support and collaboration.
This year we are running two weekend New Energy Festival Camps and there are only 30 seats available per weekend – your choice is June 19 & 20 or August 14 & 15.

Each weekend includes workshops, demonstrations and presentations about off-the-grid methods and products; free energy concepts and experiments; creating a community-based utility; creating better energy for your life; and navigating the “power” grid today and in the future; the camp also places a special focus on “leadership”.

There are only 30 seats available for each of the two weekend events so please register early. There are different types of accommodation available from camping, RV parking and hotel – we can supply you with options.

Registration will close at 30 seats per weekend. You can purchase your tickets from this secure Paypal site or by E-transfer if you contact us.

Early Bird Registration
$95 per person
An off-the-grid imaginarium for alternative energy and living and how to make it happen.
It is through the diversity of ideas that great strides forward can happen and that’s why we are hosting this New Energy Festival here at the Wildcraft Forest which is all about New Energy for places and people.
Registration at the door will not be available.
If you have questions or if you would like to register as a guest speaker please contact Don Elzer at 250.547.2001 or by email at:
Registration prices will change:
$95 per person until March 15th 2021
$140 per person after March 15th 2021

If you purchase a Wildcraft Forest Community Membership you can attend a number of our special events such as this one where you will recieve a free pass, to learn more visit our membership page, or purchase here:
Two dates for 2021
June 19 & 20 or August 14 & 15
Wildcraft Forest Incubator Centre
North Okanagan / British Columbia