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Yasei Shinrin-Yoku
Guide Training
Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Guide and Practitioner Training provides participants with certification to perform our unique version of Forest Bathing, which combines the healing abilities presented by the natural world with spiritual and environmental stewardship, which encourages meaning and purpose within the context of agape relationships and the Wildcrafters Promise.

Join a Guide Training Camp or Learn Online
Wildcrafter in Residence Membership
Every year we make available a few residence memberships. Applicants submit proposals for 3-6 month experiential stays that allow them to become immersed in wildcrafting. Membership rates are negotiable but averages $800 per month over a 3-month (minimum) stay.

Contact us for more information.

Discover Mountains Forests and Mother Trees
If getting your hands dirty is your passion

Your membership also gains you access into various ecological events where you can help us regenerate habitat. Learn how an ecosystem works and explore the living forest. Events that you can participate in include:

  • Spring Trail and Backcountry Road Plant Restoration – We move wild plants from logging roads before the graders arrive and we transplant them into restoration areas.
  • Mother Tree Expedition – We search out Mother Trees to collect cones for propagating seedlings.
  • Creating Bird Habitat – We create songbird habitat and nesting areas.
  • Wild Ginger Restoration – We transplant Wild Ginger in remote backcountry areas.
  • Riparian Restoration – We seek to restore riparian areas by planting trees and seedings and transplanting the species that are natural to the ecosystem that supports these edge areas.
  • Creating Bug and Snake Habitat – We create remote habitat that supports insects that in turn support snakes which are endangered red-listed species.
  • Wild Pollinator Support – We plant natural plant species in remote areas that have been damaged in an effort to support wild pollinators and restore the natural ecosystem.

Because our work is constant, these various activities happen throughout the year and as a member you can participate at any time by simply calling in advance. While we carry out these efforts your will learn a great deal about wildcrafting and plant spirit medicine. You will also learn about ecosystems as we make observations of what we are seeing and experiencing in an effort to monitor climate change and biodiversity issues.
The Wildcraft Forest is home to the Sanctuary Forest Therapy Centre where twelve different kinds of forest therapy and wildcrafting practices are presented and taught through daily excursions, retreats, certification and immersion programs.

Four satellite Yasei Sanctuary Forests are also available, each representing different kinds of energies and environments for learning and practicing Yasei Shinrin Yoku and plant spirit medicine. 

You can join us in the forest through challengespassport memberships, personal coaching programsdestination retreats and immersion experiences. You can become a guide or practitioner; and if you’re starting out, you can drop-in or even participate in one of our online Yasei Shinrin Yoku challenges.

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Are you craving a more intentional relationship with nature?
Interested in tuning in to the way the natural world seeks to work with us?
Ready to create a relationship of reciprocity so that you’re giving back to the Earth? This seven session course connects participants with the wild forest atmosphere as they begin to create a real relationship with nature.
This program is part of our membership package.
Click on this video introduction.
Six Pillars of Wild Intention
Sanctuary Forest Membership

With a Sanctuary Forest Membership you can dwell in a forest that is specifically intended to help people and the beings that dwell within it. It allows you to help us financially as we regenerate habitat – you can even join us in our various work endeavours which then becomes a worthwhile adventure on many levels as we learn how an ecosystem works while we explore the remote living forest.

With your membership you can help us with hands-on stewardship work but we understand that you might be unable to bushwack into wild areas to help us plant trees and restore remote habitat. We understand that you might simply need to relax and become regenerated on a soul level.

Annual Sanctuary Forest Membership - $280

You can “Offset” your recreation and leisure by supporting the Wildcraft Forest with a Sanctuary Forest Membership. You can use it for yourself or gift it to another – this is your chance to support people who are doing the work required to regenerate a local part of the planet that we share.

Your annual Sanctuary Forest Membership is $280 and includes participation for two. Here are the benefits you will experience. Explore our glamping tent and trail photos. Our centre is close to a great number of natural attractions and as a forest therapy centre we have attraction and activities that can offer you a great escape into deep nature. 

A Wildcraft Forest Camping Pass – You will have access to our members only private retreat area. You receive 10 days of free camping for two, throughout the summer and you can reserve our glamping tents or cabins based on availability for as often as four nights at a time. This has a value of well over $280.

Participate in our wild tea tasting events and our outdoor wild cookouts. Members have a chance to try out our various products that also include massage oils and essences all harvested from the wild.

Open access to our Healing Forest Trail System which includes an “Earthing Trail” where you can connect barefoot and in the mud under the rich and thick tree canopy.

Includes our seven session online introduction to Yasei Shinrin Yoku called the “Six Pillars of Wild Intention”. 

Drop by the forest and we’ll take you, your family and friends on guided walks. Be part of a ceremony and enjoy the guided experience.

Explore our 2024 Workshop and Event Schedule
for Sanctuary Forest Members

Your membership also includes…

Special Event Discounts

Apply your membership fee to any Wildcraft Forest School course fee as a credit.

Your membership includes an open invitation to Sacred Fire Circles and other ceremonies and discussion events.

Please remember that if you enroll in any Wildcraft Forest School program we’ll deduct the “Annual Sanctuary Forest Membership” price that you paid for in that given year.

Please note that our membership is based on double occupancy so you can bring a spouse, partner, friend or family member…it’s like a two for one!
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