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​The Mother Tree Hub assists individuals with their efforts to dwell closer to nature and to develop enterprise that both rewilds nature and delivers ongoing regenerative stewardship.

At the Mother Tree Hub we consider that food, medicine and shelter security are directly related to the health and regeneration of nature and her wildlands. This integration depends on tangible relationships between people and nature. The work of the Mother Tree Hub includes aspects of wildlands and habitat recovery, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry, technology and education, and the creation and production of new foods, medicines and shelter.

All of this effort places the needs of nature first.

About Us – Learn about the Wildcraft Forest Foundation and the various initiatives we deliver here in British Columbia and beyond.

Incubator – Learn about our social enterprise cells and how we develop small businesses and non-profit efforts.

Projects – Explore our various special projects and partnerships.

Tools – We provide many tools which can be downloaded so that you can learn about nature, Mother Trees and a regenerative approach to stewardship.

Library – Visit our library section where there are articles, downloads and videos about a regenerative approach to stewardship.

News – Explore our latest news to find out whats current at the Mother Tree Hub and the Wildcraft Forest.

The Forest Almanac – Visit our online magazine to explore the current state of our forests both locally and globally.

The Mother Tree Hub is supported by the Wildcraft Forest Foundation, School and Extension Services which seek to develop leadership within individuals and encourages small footprint lifestyle options while creating forms of social enterprise that links nature with agriculture, medicine and services which support a living Sanctuary Forest.

We are always searching for team members and investors, for more information contact:


More about the Wildcraft Forest as an incubator…

The Wildcraft Forest has been operating as a rural based cultural and activist centre for nearly 40 years. Currently the following activities take place at the 25 acre forest centre.

  • Harvesting and production of wildcrafted tisanes, tonics, herbal baths, essences, massage oils and spices.
  • A school for adults that runs certification programs in wildcrafting, forest therapy, permaculture, shamanic coaching and other forms of ecological, spiritual and wellness training..
  • An online school specializing in distance learning connected to wildcrafting, forest therapy, permaculture, shamanic coaching and other forms of ecological, spiritual and wellness training.
  • A publishing house specializing in bridging ecology with ancient wisdom and bioregionalism.
  • A extension program that keeps two wild plant nurseries which includes educational and research activities, one at the Wildcraft Forest Centre and the other at the Barbe Lakes Sanctuary Forest.
  • An art, craft and restoration studio.
  • A treatment and forest therapy centre.
  • A research facility for wild biotics, yeasts and microbes found in forest habitats.
  • A membership driven forest meditation centre. 

Innovation linked to six pillars of Earth work represents the driving force behind the Wildcraft Forest these are: Stewardship, Science, Spirit, Sanctuary, Semiotics and Sentience.

Currently the work of the Wildcraft Forest Centre is being expanded with additional land acquisition to take place which will allow the centre to transition towards the next generation of stewardship.

The important work we do…

  • The Wildcraft Forest seeks to bridge the spiritual values of forests and watersheds with human consciousness and acts of tangible stewardship. We do this through a number of methods as follows.
  • Add value to the living forest which then serves to create an alternative to logging and other forms of resource extraction.
  • Regenerate Mother Trees and the natural supporting plant guilds or guardians which create both biotic and energetic balance within small ecosystems which then collectively contributes to planetary balance.
  • Serve as stewards for these headwaters of the Columbia and the Shuswap Rivers and the great Inland Temperate Rainforest.
  • Rewild diets and medicines so that populations can rebalance their lifestyles with energy from the northern forests.
  • Educate and advocate for the protection of wild old growth forests and to regenerate new wild forests that will then become old growth forests. We represent the long view of stewardship practices.
  • Educate and advocate for regenerative forests and stewardship both locally and internationally.

If you would like to learn more about what we do please visit our Extension Services website:

Why is the Mother Tree Hub Important?
It's about the Earth and her beings as kin.
We are presently uploading our new Regenerative Stewardship Portal. Visit our library section where there are articles, downloads and videos about a regenerative approach to stewardship. Understand the importance of meaning and purpose in creating an irresistible focal point for your life and the world. 
The Wildcraft Forest Foundation operates a social enterprise incubator that we call the "Mother Tree Hub". We welcome unlimited potential as we explore ancient wisdom associated with the natural world and discover wild foods and medicines in an effort to understand how they help the human condition with both disease prevention and cures. At the same time we help humans restore and regenerate planet Earth. At the Wildcraft Forest we understand that everything is connected.

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