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Please note that our camp membership is based on double occupancy so you can bring a spouse, partner, friend or family member…it’s like a two for one!
Also note that all of our membership fees can be applied to course enrollment fees for that given year so its like the best learning discount ever!

Annual CSW Camp Membership - $240
Join us for “Community Supported Wildcrafting” (CSW), we believe in meaningful holidays and this is a chance to have a home away from home where you can absorb the energies of the natural world, commune with others of like-mind and perform meaningful activities that will help regenerate planet Earth.

Please remember that if you enroll in any Wildcraft Forest School program we’ll deduct the “Annual CSW Camp Membership” price that you paid for in that given year.

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Please Note - Registration at the door will not be available.
If you have questions or if you would like to register as a guest speaker please contact Don Elzer at 250.547.2001 or by email at: elzer@uniserve.com
There are only 30 seats available for this event so please register early. You can purchase your tickets from this secure Paypal site or by E-transfer if you contact us.
Roots reach for their destination - they find their way through darkness and around obstacles that can be daunting, they have an intelligence that is dedicated towards the ultimate objective – for the plant or tree to remain healthy and alive. Roots are a conduit for water and nutrition and as a medicine they become powerful as they seek out and find an affliction and then provide the necessary power to heal it.

Resins represent a miracle in the natural world. A tree excretes a resin as a means to heal a wound and then to shield it from infection. In a resin, a tree produces its own treatment against disease and trauma, it is a characteristic that humans cannot create but have access to, through the gifts provided by trees.

The Roots & Resins Wild Medicine Gathering at the Wildcraft Forest is a chance for you to learn about the power that different kinds or roots and tree resins can provide. We will explore the healing properties of five different roots and resins found in the wild; how to wildcraft a harvest; and then how to create simple solutions that will enhance our well being.

Join Wildcrafter Don Elzer explore the world of forest foods and medicines.

$60 per person
$40 per person for Members
& Resins
April 11, 2020
There are only 30 seats available.
Join us for this afternoon event at the Wildcraft Forest.
Located in the North Okanagan outside of Lumby, British Columbia
If you purchase a Community Membership you can attend a number of our special events such as this one where you will recieve a discounted pass, to learn more visit our membership page, or purchase here:
Regular Registration
$60 per person
Wildcraft Forest  Members Registration
$40 per person