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6 Server Pack Bags for $89
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As wildcrafters we promise to protect Planet Earth and to understand wild places and plant spirit medicines that consider biodiversity and shadow biodiversity.
Now we are sharing what we have discovered… with you. Our Promise
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The Wildcraft Forest offers Vibe specials that can include wild tea, sentience essences, art and craft. Watch for our special event and course offerings too. We offer Gift Certificates and we are known to be very creative so if you would like us to design a special offering contact us.
Here's a great opportunity to re-wild your family and friends. We’re offering you a chance to purchase a pack of 6 or 12 Wildcraft Forest Gift Bottles at very reduced prices.

We’re offering you a choice:
  • 6 assorted blends packaged in a designer wine bottle for $120.00

  • 12 assorted blends packaged in a designer wine bottle  for $240.00
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This wildcrafted tisane is made from botanicals found in British Columbia’s remote forests, which are like a super multivitamin that provides us with all sorts of the nutrients we need to live healthy lives. Forests and nature can protect us from all these different kinds of diseases--cardiovascular, respiratory, mental health, musculoskeletal. Our tisanes are carefully harvested and then blended at the Wildcraft Forest where we seek to provide you with wild life-force that includes essence, energy and spirit.

Inside each unique package is a wild "seed guild" that allows you to plant and propagate a forest and become a "wildcrafter".
Off-set your coffee with this wild tisane/coffee mixer.
Our Naked Hippie Cafeh Editions are wild tisanes that are uniquely designed for mixing with your favorite coffee. Mix this loose tisane with coffee and apply the blend to your coffee maker; run pure water through and wow! You will experience a fruity coffee flavour that makes for a great evening cuppa. It’s a great way of cutting your caffeine intake while experiencing your own “wild” self. By easing back from our reliance on globalized coffee trade you help us advocate “coffee offsetting”.

You can order your Cafeh blends packaged in either a nostalgic stubby beer bottle or in a server pack bag – either way each package in includes a “Message from Mother”.

Naked Hippie Tea
Wildcrafted Mixers
Look for our “Woodstock Gin”, “Righteous Whiskey” and “Rebel Vodka” wild cocktail blends.
Naked Hippie Tea represents a family of wild cocktail mixers specially designed for creating alcohol or non-alcohol chilled beverages. Make your tea and then chill it – then infuses it with your favorite spirit. You can also skip the alcohol and infuse it with your favorite fruits. We also make “Naked Hippie Wild Beer Bags” – simply insert the tea bag into your favorite glass of cold beer…and let the wild magic begin.

Naked Hippie is about “counter-culture” and breaking all the rules enroute to great wild tastes that support you as the artists. You can order Naked Hippie blends in either glass bottle or paper packaging that includes a “Message from Mother”.
Take in the forest atmosphere, enjoy great wild tastes and plant your forest.
Yasei Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for “Wild Forest Bathing” and means "taking in the forest atmosphere".
Yasei Shinrin

Yoku Tea
6 Gift Boxes for $89
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Call the Tea Blender at the Wildcraft Forest and order by phone: 250.547.2001
Lava Chai
Call the Tea Blender at the Wildcraft Forest and order by phone: 250.547.2001
6 Server Packs for $89
Vibe Puchase
Call the Tea Blender at the Wildcraft Forest and order by phone: 250.547.2001
Call the Tea Blender at the Wildcraft Forest and order by phone: 250.547.2001
Vibe Puchase
This offer is limited to residents of British Columbia and Alberta only.
There are several shipping options, please send us a purchase submission form and we will provide you with payment options and confirm delivery details with you.
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This wild tisane provides a sweet taste and is immense in nutritional values and can be served hot, chilled or as a cocktail infused with fresh fruit and honey. Pictured here is the Lava Chai Wild Latte, which we believe is the very best drink on Earth.
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