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Our Wild Server Packs a perfect for cafés and restaurants.
Our wild teas provide your café or restaurant with a great taste edition to your menu. At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts.
  • Our new Habitat Teas are blends specifically designed for cafes and restaurants.
  • Our Naked Hippie Cocktail Blends are designed specifically as alcohol mixers.
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Become a Wild Tea Trader
Wildcraft Forest can provide you with great opportunities. We wildcraft artisan herbal teas, health and culinary blends and fine art made from the wilds of British Columbia’s mountains and forests. We invite you to carry our products within your retail outlet or develop your own home-based Wild Tea Party Network. You can also offer your customers our Wildcrafting Courses. Get started with our Wild Tea Trader Pack for $190
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The Wildcraft Forest creates products and services inspired by nature. We also teach a unique form of forest therapy we call Yasei Shinrin Yoku or Wild Forest Bathing. We offer practitioner certification camps here at the Wildcraft Forest and guide certification through Distance Learning.
Currently we have active certification programs in over 30 countries. Learn More...
British Columbia, Canada
North Okanagan - Monashee
wild tea
As wildcrafters we create tisanes within a dedicated promise to protect and restore Planet Earth. We offer you a wild tea which you can find online or at fine locations that carry our products and support our mission. 

At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts – learn about our various teas, cocktail blends and foods.

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Wildcrafting: Plant Spirit Medicines
We offer courses in Plant Spirit Medicines where we travel students into rainforest or alpine areas to study medicinal plants and trees within the context of wildcrafting. Participants are introduced to wild medicine plant propagation methods that link Earth energies, harvesting and stewardship practices all driven by wild dynamics. Participants are introduced to the art of alchemy that includes exploration into historical blending practices that includes fermentation, extracts, teas and topicals. We dwell within a remote deep rainforest where water energies interact with ecosystems that present unique sentient power that demonstrate how a forest can become a healer of most afflictions.

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camps and distance learning programs
At Wildcraft Forest Botanicals we provide wild plant restoration, propagation, growing and harvesting services under a strict code of ethics that includes our promise. Our regenerative approach to stewardship serves a model for re-wilding and offers food and health care sectors an opportunity to transition to a “regenerative” approach to business and supply. Our “Mother Tree” system of harvesting contains an Ayurvedic approach, which helps to elevate the nature of wellness within natural formulas. Learn more about our restoration efforts, plant sourcing, contract growing, harvesting and our partners.


Mother Tree and Our Promise
Learn about the wild botanicals that we are harvesting and discuss how we can supply your mission. Learn how we mix ecology, nature-supported-agriculture and storytelling. 
The Wildcraft Forest Botanicals is located in the Monashee Region of British Columbia just on the edge of the North Okanagan, one hour from Kelowna and 20 minutes from Vernon and just east of Lumby enroute to Cherryville and Nakusp.
​Learn more about more offerings you can email or call us at 250.547.2001

Wildcraft Forest Investments
Wildcraft Forest School and Visitor Staging Area – Monashee Watershed – Barb Lake
Creighton Valley Road, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada – 250.547.2001
Wildcraft Forest Botanicals and Online Services
1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada
250.547.9812 - Email: treks(at) - Web
Administration Contacts

Featured internationally in Tea Magazine, Westworld Magazine, Vancouver Sun, National CBC Television, Okanagan Life, Radio Canada, Calgary Herald, and British Columbia Magazine
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Wild Sentience
Forest Biotic Massage Oils

The Wildcraft Forest can provide you with our line of quality massage oils plus a wild detox tea. Our Forest Biotic products can be picked up at our various retail locations or at the Wildcraft Forest Emporium. We can also deliver the set to your door in Vernon or Kelowna. This Wild Sentience collection  includes, Primordial, Mother Tree, Savannah, and Natures Recovery, plus our wildcrafted detox teas.

Forest Biotics are a collection of wildcrafted wellness products sourced from pristine sanctuary forests in British Columbia. At the Wildcraft Forest we have a passion for ecological stewardship and we are driven by ethics whereby the health of wild places has a direct relationship to our own body, mind and spirit.

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The Resin Tree at the Wildcraft Forest is getting national and international attention as Jonny Harris from CBC's hit series Still Standing hugs this special tree. Forest Bathing is featured in the Lumby, BC show which aired on November 26th and you can watch it online.
Wildcraft Forest destination details.
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Wild Stories.....
Why the World needs Wildcrafting
Wildcrafting is a practice integrating local ecological knowledge, family and land history, conscious harvesting, land stewardship, activism, and storytelling all into one lovely practice.  Practice may be an understatement, for Wildcrafting is a way of complete being, a framework by which to exist in the world.  It is art.  It is science.  It is spirituality.
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An Adventure with the Wildcraft Forest
We were assigned homework to do a report on three plants - two that are native to the interior of BC and one that is "invasive"(what a terrible term). We were also tasked with looking back, like faaaar back into our ancestry, to 5000 years ago. To imagine the life we would have lead back then. Due to how busy I've been lately, I was a tad stressed. I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist in some ways and wanted to be fully prepared. Nothing could have prepared me for the weekend (and yet everything in my life up to this point has been preparing me).
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The Trail of Song:
A National Healing Forest
In conjunction with the National Healing Forest initiative the Wildcraft Forest is now embarking on an expansion called, “The Trail of Song”. Healing Forests are where survivors and families of the Residential School legacy and murdered and missing Indigenous women, as well as all Canadians, can come together to heal, do ceremony, reflect, talk or meditate. Within the Healing Forest, all individuals, including survivors and their families, can share and better understand the legacy of the residential school system and move forward in a positive way.
Learn more about the Trail of Song
Our 2024 Certification Camp Schedule
is now available.
Right now our Early Bird Discount applies to some programs. 

​Yasei Shinrin Yoku
and Spiritual Stewardship
Nature is returning as a key element within the human spiritual experience. Don Elzer talks about how Yasei Shinrin Yoku delivers a practice where-by we create a working relationship with nature through stewardship. 

distance learning
Wildcraft Forest School
Online Resource Centre
The Mother Tree Hub assists individuals with their efforts to dwell closer to nature and to develop enterprise that both rewilds nature and delivers ongoing regenerative stewardship. At the Hub we consider that food, medicine and shelter security are directly related to the health and regeneration of nature and her wildlands. All of this effort places the needs of nature first. Check out the online library and tools sections.

2024 Yasei Shinrin Yoku
Bodywork & Spa Certification
Multi-day Camp Programs for Clinical Forest Therapy including Yasei Ayurvedic Head Massage

The Wildcraft Forest Foundation has launched a channel on Roku. This unique channel features Deep Nature and will include stories, experiences and insights from our many students around the world. You can now subscribe via the Roku Channel Store.
Our 2024 Calendar Page
Find our when we hold our Member Events, Stewardship Activities, Sacred Fire Circles and more...
Wildcraft Forest Channel
Seeds to Trees
At the Wildcraft Forest we plant new old growth forests Our Seeds to Trees initiative seeks to gather the ancient genetic memory found within old growth forests and then to regenerate those species in riparian ecosystems. Learn about our efforts as we create wild plant nurseries in remote areas, collect old growth seeds and then plant these treeas in remote areas. Every year we collect seeds, germinate and plant seeds and seedlings using the “old ways”.

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We’re always eager to find more locations for Wildcraft Forest tea. So if you frequent a café, or tea shop…put in a good word for us…when you buy a cup of Wildcraft Forest you change the world…for the better.
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Yasei Sanctuary Forests
The Wildcraft Forest practices regenerative forest stewardship, which includes propagating “whole forest systems”; this includes the forest over-story and the under-story. We have created a network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests which serve as protected forests where each is used as a base to protect and restore wild ecosystems while propagating wild and domesticated food and medicine crops in small wild dynamic gardens. Our Community Supported Wildcrafting (CSW) membership helps with the planting, growing, care and harvesting of wild systems; at the same time members learn various aspects of plant spirit medicines which includes Yaseiki Programs. Members might help for the day or for a few days at a time.

Help us grow Yasei Sanctuary Forests
The Wildcraft Forest School 
The Wildcraft Forest School issues a Wildcraft Practitioners Diploma. We offer seasonal classes, seminars, fieldtrips and workshops, which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals. For 30 years we have sought to share quality experiences, from leading edge artists, thinkers and do’ers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our scope is to link the arts, creativity, permaculture, food, wellness and activism with wildcrafting and the sentient Earth.

Please explore the certification programs we offer
as well as our registration information.

Green Earth Offsets supports the rewilding of places and people. There is a new generation of people eager to be lifelong stewards of wildlands on planet Earth. They seek to be part of the solution by providing the work required to restore and regenerate ecosystems as a means to strengthen the meaning and purpose that resides in their soul. The Wildcraft Forest has been supporting this effort through a growing network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests which offers participants meaning, purpose, livelihood and resilience which includes spirit, sentience, science, semiotics, stewardship and sanctuary, all linked to ancient wisdom and the natural world.

Yasei Sanctuary Forests are not only spiritual temples supported by nature, but they are providing new values, qualities and systems that are strengthening the desire for protecting standing forests as living organisms within a 300 year stewardship plan. At the Wildcraft Forest we understand that everything is connected.

Explore our projects at
Green Earth Offsets 

The Wildcraft Forest brings forest therapy into a clinic environment with help from its Forest Biotics collection which is a series of wildcrafted wellness products sourced from pristine sanctuary forests in British Columbia. 

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Are you craving a more intentional relationship with nature?
Interested in tuning in to the way the natural world seeks to work with us?
Ready to create a relationship of reciprocity so that you’re giving back to the Earth? This seven week course connects participants with the wild forest atmosphere as they begin to create a real relationship with nature.
Explore Your Forest
Visit the Forest Almanac e-magazine published by the Wildcraft Forest. 
The Forest Almanac Website:
The Forest Almanac on Substack:

Here are a few recent features from our Forest Almanac Substack site:

The economics of cosmology and nature as a gig
A world in transition: Why you might want to embrace this training for economic reasons?
To believe in mysteries, magic and cosmology is to believe that there is a world rich in chance and intuitive synchronicity. If you want magic in your life you have to first believe that magic exists and to do this you have to let go of fate. This becomes obvious – magic never happens to those who do not open themselves up to it. Regardless of how much we want to logically prove outcomes we still cannot escape the wonders found within mysteries – which can often motivate the human experience. You might be working within the ancient healing arts, or perhaps you are in a more mainstream form of wellness practice, here’s how a Yasei Shinrin Yoku Certification can work for you.

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Why we plant Wild Ginger on the other side of the road?
Human beings built a road that separates the forest. Ants are enlisted to regenerate this primeval place, but we must help them.
This is a busy time of year for us because it is when the big melt happens in the high country and we must begin our efforts to restore the forest understory and meadow habitat. We must also restore Cottonwoods and other wild species that support drainages. Clearcut logging is killing the Earth, and you and I can do what corporations, institutions and governments are not doing...we can go out and fix the damage that they have created...if we don't who will?

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Time in nature helps older adults
with improved health and purpose in life
Live long and prosper - move through space between big trees and connect your brain.
The largest percentage of our Shamanic Coaching students are coming out of the hospice work sector. Our training program is slowly being recognized by many as providing powerful tools for those who are seeking to address challenges with ageing – whether it is for themselves or for others. Within our society we have a great number of people who have lived without any spiritual awakening and when they find themselves near the "end" they have no logical or peaceful approach to how they might be "beginning".

Read this Forest Almanac story…

Cottonwood: Holding the Wisdom of the Cosmos
This tree is ignored because our society perceives that it has no economic value – but it does.
This condition of disregard for nature is deeply connected to our nature deficit disorder and plant blindness as we have come to ignore the need to have these trees within the world that we are part of. These very old Cottonwood trees have deep grooves in their bark which has a similar characteristic to the ancient Willows and Oaks of Europe. Druids believe that the wisdom within the entire cosmos can be found deep inside these grooves – so they are considered sacred. In wildcrafting, we explore discoveries that demonstrate a “knowing” that nature has and we seek to connect with that knowing. We explore “deep ecology”. Proponents of deep ecology believe that the world does not exist as a resource to be freely exploited by humans. The ethics of deep ecology hold that the survival of any part is dependent upon the well-being of the whole.

Read this Forest Almanac story…

Daydreaming might encourage a spiritual awakening
New research provides tantalizing evidence that daydreams can shape the brain's future response to what it sees.
New research suggests that encouraging daydreaming within a forest might be very helpful to our future. Imagine that you are sitting quietly, and suddenly your brain tunes out the world and wanders to something else entirely -- perhaps a recent experience, or an old memory. You just had a daydream.

Read this Forest Almanac story…

Bioregionalism: An Alternative to Globalization
Regardless of how challenging things might seem we must remember that we evolved based on our ability to cooperate and build community while strengthening our kinship with nature.
These are challenging times and they are demonstrating to us that we are continuing to grow into a violent species – which is not actually natural to humans. We evolved based on our ability to cooperate and build community while strengthening our kinship with nature. When we abandoned our natural connection to the Earth it was because we were forced to follow the path of “civilization” where the fear of demonstrating weakness became an element to MAN-AGE colonialism. This continues to this day where everyone wants to project strength because they believe that demonstrating weakness might mean that they might become prey and be eaten. It’s a behavior based on hormones and ego, which one might call “hormonics” rather than “harmonics” which holds our soul and represents a connection to our true selves, a connection directly linked to the natural world. In fact, we are human “beings” we’re not machines, nor are we cogs that fit into a machine. We are music and we are independent organic life forms, and we each own our own heartbeat but we also seek to harmonize with others.

Read this Forest Almanac story…

The Spirit and Soul of Stewardship in the Forest
We are not setting aside landscapes to plant or create new wilderness parks or preserves. In other words we are not designing old growth forests from seed.
We are only trying to protect existing ones. If we don’t plan and secure the future of new old growth forests we will eventually be without them because old trees will eventually die. We still have a very temporary view of the future. When you get close to nature, when you touch it – it gets close to you. It touches you. Then everything changes within you and this experience opens you to discover the treasures hidden along the edge of the forest.

Read this Forest Almanac story…