As wildcrafters we promise to protect Planet Earth and to understand wild places and plant spirit medicines that consider biodiversity and shadow biodiversity.
Now we are sharing what we have discovered… with you. Our Promise
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We want to rewild all places local!

The Wildcraft Forest “Vibe” is an effort to rewild tastes and communities so that better health and connections to nature can be realized by Earthlings.

We want to rewild a 1000 cafes and neighborhoods! We are asking you to become a leader in the Rewilding Movement by transitioning tastes and consciousness within your circle of friends, your neighborhood and your community. By helping us to rewild cafes, teashops, restaurants and other food and drink establishments you will help to build awareness about the importance of becoming closer to nature in our everyday lives. You will also help the Wildcraft Forest School create a worldwide network of Sanctuary Forests that will help to restore thousands of acres of mixed forests, rainforests, riparian and savannah areas so that wild flora and fauna can move and transition as the Earth changes.

Here’s how it works. You can adopt your favorite café, teashop, restaurant or other food and drink establishment as a statement about your commitment towards rewilding Earth. And you will demonstrate your commitment by supplying them with Wildcraft Forest Tea that they can serve to their customers – we will also supply them with promotional material so that their customers can begin to appreciate the importance of rewilding their tastes. If you like what were are doing you can support us in a number of ways.

Our Offers:

$220 – Rewild Local - Adopt a Café.
Make a contribution and supply the name of the local food and drink establishment that you are adopting and we will send them a Servers Kit so that they can begin to serve and sell Wildcraft Forest teas. The kit includes why rewilding is important and supports you as our sponsor and their supporter. It is our hope that once they discover how popular our wild teas are, that they will reorder forever.
If you want us to select a cafe for you then simply let us know.

$180 – Host a Wild Tea Ceremony.
We will send you a great selection of our products with recipes so that you can hold a Wild Tea Ceremony with your friends.

$80 – Receive your own Rewilding Kit.
We will send you a great selection of our products.

$480 – Receive a Forest Therapy Online Course.
Learn all about wildcrafting and forest energies.

$500 – Stay and Explore with us for a Weekend.
Join us at a Wildcraft Forest Sanctuary Forest.

$1200 – Everything

Visit our "Rewild Local" Page
and Make Your Offer

You can also visit the Wildcraft Forest Store and make an online purchase, or attend the Wildcraft Forest School and take a camp course or online course.
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