Wild Tea Tasting
We offer free Wild Tea Tastings to our visitors. Enjoy samples of our wild "iced" tea blends infused with fruits and wild honey. We serve our ice teas in a wine glass in our Teahouse Art Gallery.

There is no charge to sample our wild teas and wander the gallery and studio areas.
Guided tours of the studios, forest, sculpture trail and wild tea areas are available.
Evening or
Afternoon Tea
and Storytelling Events
Our special events include a 45 minute themed presentation, guided tour and tea.
In total these events are about 2.5 hours.

Event Pass:
(Minimum 4 people)
$12.00 per Adult
$6.00 per child under 12
$30.00 per Family Pass (2 Adults/2Children)
Tour Details
Guided Tours of the Wildcraft Forest are available by special request or in accordance with posted tour times.
Please Note: The Wildcraft Forest is a working farm with working art studios. Most times we are not near a phone. If you are interested in a tour or visit, simply visit us during our posted business hours.

Wild Tea Tour
Departure dates and times are posted on this website and generally happen at 11am, 2pm and 6pm (4 people minimum). We also make tours available by special request if there is a minimum of 4 people. Contact Us

A guided tour of the Wildcraft Forest that includes a visit to over environmental features which includes art and a naturalist’s interpretation of a mature mixed forest that includes a variety of unique plant and wildlife species. Visitors will hear stories about the mountain Coyote Sleeping along the way as well as a visit to our outdoor village area and wild tea harvesting and drying areas.

This tour can take up to 2 hours at a leisurely pace and requires good footwear and water.

Guided Tour Rates:
(Minimum 4 people)
By Donation

Wild Tea Party
At the Wildcraft Forest we produce adventure and learning programs that mix nature and great culinary experiences. A perfect combination for a meeting, day retreat or teambuilding event for your group, business or non-profit organization.

Call us to discuss the many options available at:
250-547-9812  Contact Us
Please wear good footwear for these walking tours.
All tour and event participants are subject to our Enter with Caution Notice.
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Wild Tea Tours
Learn about wild botanicals that we are harvesting and our environmental sculptures displayed in our old growth forest. Our walks offer a mix of ecology, nature-supported-agriculture and storytelling and ends with a Wild Tea Tasting.

A guided walk takes a few hours and we charge by donation.
To Explore our other Tours, Events and Workshops - Click Here
If you are interested in wildcrafting then join with us in our Pathfinder Experiences, which are short walking tours and half day events linked to the sentient world of wildcrafting. Some Pathfinder events take place within a multitude of sessions others are single events. We also offer wildcrafting sessions for individuals, learn more by exploring the possibilities we offer or contact us.

Deep Forest Therapy:
Five Pathfinder Walks in Five Weeks
Discover your way…your path…to better health, to meaning and to your soul. We offer a unique approach to Shinrin Yoku which is Japanese for "Forest Bathing" and means "taking in the forest atmosphere".
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Moonwalking: Discover Essential Dreaming
Under the Moon explore the practice of Integrative Dreamwork and the practice of “lucid dreaming” which builds self-reflection -- the so-called metacognition. Pathfinders are introduced to the many spirit guides that dwell in the forest and the feeling and imagery that is created by the night. Utilizing a fire we will explore forest-based teas, aromas and essential oils specifically prepared for dreamworking as we explore the subconscious energies that connect the forest with the most ancient part of our soul.
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