Festival in the Forest
At the Wildcraft Forest School we offer skills, insights and inspiration for creating good stewardship and positive change in the world. We have changed our event portal from Wildcraft Habitat to Festival in the Forest. Join us for great experiences all year long.
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Rewild Online
“Rewild” is the distance-learning program offered by the Wildcraft Forest School. We offer online courses, seminars and outdoor challenges and restoration programs which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals.

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Free Energy Festival 2018
June 30 & July 1 or July 7 & 8 - An off-the-grid imaginarium for alternative energy and living and how to make it happen.
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The Shelter Revolution
June 2 & 3 or June 9 & 10 - This weekend strategy camp includes low cost practical solutions for small footprint living; creating “eco-villages” and places a special focus on “leadership” while turning your house into a home.
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You can attend many Festival in the Forest events at no charge or with a discount if you have a Wildcraft Forest Community Membership.
March 31st & April 21st - The Roots & Resins Wild Medicine Gathering at the Wildcraft Forest is a chance for you to learn about the power that different kinds or roots and tree resins can provide. We will explore the healing properties of five different roots and resins found in the wild; how to wildcraft a harvest; and then how to create simple solutions that will enhance our well being.
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The Roots & Resins Wild Medicine Gathering
The Future is
“The Indigo Series” is a Wildcraft Forest Mystery School event and consists of three different weekends.
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The Indigo Healer – May 12th
The Indigo Child – May 19th
The Indigo Leader – May 26th