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Yasei Shinrin Yoku
“Wild Forest Bathing
in a Sanctuary Forest”

When we invest in the Forest and the Earth so that she remains strong and healthy then she will invest in us.

The Wildcraft Forest offers a unique approach to Shinrin Yoku which is Japanese for "Forest Bathing" and means "taking in the forest atmosphere". We offer Yasei Shinrin Yoku, which incorporates wildcrafting, and includes a tangible understanding of the sentient forest. Participants are introduced to the many spirit guides that dwell in the forest. Through the use of forest-based teas we will explore the subconscious energies that connect the forest with the most ancient part of our soul.

Each session takes place within the gentle terrain of one of our Yasei Sanctuary Forests. There are meditation platforms and covered areas where presentations and discussions take place. To learn more about the Wildcraft Forest click here.

A typical day will travel participants in a slow quiet walk through the forest. Participants will stop and perform certain exercises and meditations linked to body, mind and spirit. The day will include a discussion within a sacred circle as well as a tea tasting and essential oil experience linked to the primary human “senses”. You can join us for treatment sessions and forest retreats and you can also become a member, which will allow you to drop in and camp in the forest.

We offer additional services such as bodywork, ancestral mapping and energy work.

Explore various treatment services that we offer by appointment.

Learn about the work we do in the forest by visiting our
Wildcraft Forest School Extension Services site at: www.wildcraftforestschool.com
The Wildcraft Forest is home to the Sanctuary Forest Therapy Centre where twelve different kinds of forest therapy and wildcrafting practices are presented and taught through daily excursions, retreats, certification and immersion programs. Four satellite Sanctuary Forests are also available, each representing different kinds of energies and environments for learning and practicing Yasei Shinrin Yoku and plant spirit medicine. 

You can join us in the forest through challengespassport memberships, personal coaching programsdestination retreats and immersion experiences. You can become a guide or practitioner; and if you’re starting out, you can drop-in or even participate in one of our online Yasei Shinrin Yoku challenges.
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You can enroll in one of our personal coaching programs which we customize for your needs. You may want to have personal coaching sessions at the Sanctuary Forest Therapy Centre or you may want to enlist our services online.

Email us to learn more
We all have a Sacred Tree

“When you plant a tree and leave it
you become a better human.
But when you plant a tree and live with it
you become extraordinary.”

We all have a Sacred Tree, one that represents a guardian that can link us with all that is connected to the cosmos. A Sacred Tree is a grounding force that can constantly remind us about our connection to everything. Some people have journeyed on quests to find their Sacred Tree; others quite by accident have simply been touched by their tree, and it has seeded their inner knowing about this connection; others have not found their tree; and some have no awareness that this great potential even exists.

Ancient Earth cultures had deep traditions that connected people to their Sacred Tree or Spirit Tree. In some cases children would journey out in the forest to find a young tree that spoke to them. They would then bind themselves to that tree so that the two would become one. This might be performed by tying a young soft branch into a loop. As the tree grew, the branch would become large and pronounced, just as the child would grow into an adult and then age. The two beings would forever be within a relationship of growth and change. The Sacred Tree would then become a sanctuary for the person. Even after death, the tree would carry their spirit, until finally, the tree would die. But through its lifetime, it would contribute to seedlings and life force that would become an entire forest – which would remain forever – as an evolving living entity. The person’s spirit and story would be remembered as part of this ever expanding forest – a cycle of life and death and life again. Ancient people knew how to create a true legacy.

While each of us has a Sacred Tree, a forest is supported by Mother Trees which are the most sacred of all the sacred trees. These trees are tasked with expanding the forest and carrying nature’s ancient genetic memory forward.

An excerpt from the book:
"The Great Mother Tree - A Beginners Guide to Wild Intuition"
By Don Elzer - founder of the Wildcraft Forest

You can purchase this book from our Etsy Store

Meaning and Purpose Create
Exceptional Team Results

“Leaders like Me” interviews Don Elzer of the Wildcraft Forest School and the fouder of Yasei Shinrin Yoku. The interview is titled “Meaning and Purpose Create Exceptional Team Results” and the intro describes Don Elzer as living his meaning and purpose in all aspects of his life. 

This powerful approach has helped him articulate a new way of thinking about how we should live in this world. His wisdom will help you understand the importance of meaning and purpose in creating an irresistible focal point for your team. Prepare to have your worldview challenged…

Some of the gems from this podcast include:
  • The essential element of leadership is meaning and purpose.”
  • Instilling the idea of meaning becomes the anchor for what makes a person.”
  • For a leader, encouraging meaning in people’s lives should be front and center.”
  • Joy becomes the key result of meaning in your work.”
  • When we’ve discovered our meaning and embrace our purpose we are basically unstoppable.”

Explore the podcast.