The Wildcraft Forest is a working
plantation and farm and it is also a
workshop centre and wildcraft farm school.
We issue a Wildcraft Practitioners Diploma. We offer seasonal classes, seminars, fieldtrips and workshops which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals. The studio village has been operating as a workshop centre for over 30 years. We seek to bring quality programming, from leading edge artists, thinkers and do’ers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our scope is to link the arts, creativity, permaculture, food, wellness and activism with wildcrafting. 
Please view the current learning programs we have a available as well as our registration information.

Registration and School Information 

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Wildcrafters Promise
Our world renowned Wildcrafting Basics Program is a great opportunity to explore the art of wildcrafting. We weekend and evening events which are suitable for the whole family. This experience provides a chance to learn plant identification in the wild while we introduce you to wild foods and medicines and a refreshed way to experience nature.
Space is limited please register well in advance.
The following weekends are available for 2024:

  • June 8 & 9 
  • June 22 & 23
  • July 6 & 7
  • July 20 & 21
  • August 17 & 18
  • September 7 & 8

Wildcrafting Basics: Wild Weekend is $375 per person
You may register using this secure Paypal link:
Wildcrafting Basics:
Wild Weekend
Begins Saturday at 10am and ends Sunday at 3pm 

Wildcrafting for Food with
Stewardship and Spirit

On this weekend we will study 10 plants in the forest which have great culinary values.
We will explore the forest on an easy stroll to discover what plants are in season, how to harvest, and prepare. We will also learn about possible risks and what to be aware of. In the shade there will be an informal talk about wild super foods and opportunities when you rewild your diet.

We will prepare a full wildcrafted meal and sample wild drinks around the fire and under the stars.

On Sunday we will explore how the Earth is changing and how wild species are on the move. How do human beings engage with helping nature transition and recover so that species and wild places can survive. In this workshop we will demonstrate 10 things you can do to help you and the planet rewild.

Camping is included for both Friday and Saturday night. 
Wildcrafting Basics 2024:
Wild Weekend Registration
Wildcrafting Basics: Wild Weekend $375
A 30 minute YouTube presentation by Don Elzer of the Wildcraft Forest School.
Living Air, Qi and Circadian Cycles
We have discounted these specific dates for this program.
Register for this program until March 3rd while space is still available.

Wildcrafting Basics Weekend
June 8 & 9, 2024
Special - $220 per person
This offer is for these dates only, register by March 3, 2024.
There are only 4 spaces available at this discounted price.
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You may also register by Interac E-transfer.
Send us an email and we will send you instructions.
  • Once you register we will email you a confirmation ticket.
  •  If you have questions please email us or call 250.547.2001
Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Practitioner Certification Camp Program
Learn More
yasei camp
distance learning
Learn Wildcrafting Basics from Home
A distance learning program that is a great opportunity to explore the art of wildcrafting. The language of nature consists of codes and energies, which serve as the foundation for life on Earth. This online course introduces participants to practical methods by which humans can “connect” with the natural world and offers the basics for wildcrafting plants and habitat for better health. This course offers a great learning opportunity for naturalists, healthcare professionals and food specialists. 

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