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Yasei Bending
A codified martial art of expression

The Wildcraft Forest School has expanded its Forest Therapy program to include a form of martial arts developed from our Yasei Shinrin Yoku teachings. “Yasei Bending” is now a codified martial art of expression that can assist individuals with growing consciousness, well-being and connection to their natural being.

Yasei Bending seeks to bring the individual into a natural state connected deeper into nature and deeper into meaning. Exercises challenge participants to flow within the living characteristics found in the natural world and then to apply those processes in order to strengthen their place in the world.

Bending techniques are many, concaved shapes like arches can create strength and convexed movements can serve as catchments for energy. The flow of a river, the shape of a breeze or a cloud can serve as an inspiration for flow. As humans we have the power to bend materials and even stories so that they can form complex shapes that can shift realities and outcomes.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Alchemical are the five stages of Yasei Bending and each teaches forms of artistic expression and strategies combining physical skill, discipline, and technique. Yasei Bending utilizes ancient practices of meditation, breathwork and movement and supports these practices with an understanding of ancient wisdom, modern biology, chemistry and physics. Each bending stage offers strategic knowledge for delivering “bending” for one’s body, mind and spirit as well as for cosmic interventions and relationships.

Becoming a Master Yasei Bender

Master Yasei Benders begin their training by completing their Yasei Shinrin Yoku Practitioners Training. Once they complete the practitioners training they can begin their journey to become a Master Yasei Bender by engaging within the Master Program for each of the five Bending Stages.  

Yasei Bending consists of these five stages:
  • Fire Bending (Black Banner – The Night)
  • Water Bending (Blue Banner – The River)
  • Air Bending (White Banner – The Mountain)
  • Earth Bending (Green Banner – The Forest)
  • Alchemical Bending (Red Banner – The Lodge)

Each bending stage has teachings, applications, methods and experiences that the individual is challenged with as they seek to be skilled in that stage. Individuals can move through the stages as an “Apprentice” in training or a “Master” in training. Each stage is set within a different part of the landscape which then supports the teachings of the stage.

Start Yasei Shinrin Yoku
Practitioner Training

Yasei Bending represents the next level of progression for Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Practitioners. Completion of the training allows practitioners to begin the process to become a Master Yasei Bender. This transitions their expertise from the realm of guiding and coaching to a master in this unique form of Bending as a martial art.

Register for a 5-Day Yasei Shinrin Yoku
Practitioners Training Camp

Yasei Shinrin Yoku Practitioners

If you have achieved your Yasei Shinrin Yoku Practitioners Certification and would like to begin your training to become a Master Yasei Bender please email us and we will provide you with registriation details including the training camp schedule.

Master Yasei Benders can perform workshops and sessions linked to the five stages: 
  • Fire Bending (Black Banner – The Night)
  • Water Bending (Blue Banner – The River)
  • Air Bending (White Banner – The Mountain)
  • Earth Bending (Green Banner – The Forest)
  • Alchemical Bending (Red Banner – The Lodge)

We consider Yasei Bending as the next stage of evolution for Forest Therapy and one that further develops the Yasei Shinrin Yoku 12 Session Program. It also offers an opportunity to expand the Yasei methodologies into a martial art that is timely for the age that we live within.

Email us to register for Master Yasei Bender Training

Engage and Experience Yasei Bending

If you would like to experience a Yasei Bending session you can participate in a workshop or demonstration for one of the five stages of bending that moves through the Five Stages of Spiritual Awakening. The workshop will introduce you to a process that seeks to bring about an awakening to a new understanding of yourself and the world.

Visit our Workshop Section to explore
Yasei Bending Events.

Visit our Retreats Section to explore more comprehensive Yasei Bending experiences.

If you would like more information about Yasei Bending please email us or call us at 250.547.2001

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