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Yasei Shinrin Yoku: The Wild Earth Retreat
$290 (Canadian Dollars) per person
Please register through this payment link and we will confirm your placement information by phone or email.
You can also make your payment by bank transfer please email us for instructions.

If you have questions about this retreat or if you would like to register a Tribe of Five package please email us:
Or phone: 250.547.2001 
Space is limited, please register well in advance. Our retreats fill very quickly.
Connecting with the Earth
in an Ancient Rainforest

We will explore the spirit of the land including her soils and how the roots of things connect with everything and provide balance. This experience is about the Great Mystery and highlights the role of the “Warrior” and that of courage as we explore the choice making required for our meaning and purpose.

This expedition places us in the presence of Great Mother Trees deep within an interior rainforest. Much of what exists within this lush forest floor and beneath these ancient cedars still remains a mystery to science. This expedition explores the ecosystem that lives within the interior rainforest and follows along a rivers edge all the way to its source. The rainforest is sacred to ancient cultures and we will explore the stories, food, medicine and the spirit that this forest provides.

This two day expedition explores the sentient world of the rainforest as we connect with layers of Earth energies including Ley Lines and natural energy points or “portals”. We will explore certain mysterious inhabitants that dwell within the deepest part of this forest including the Sidhe, and the Sasquatch. This place is rich in biodiversity as the influence of animals, birds and other beings make connections with us as we develop our relationship with the wild.

Our work includes seed gathering from Mother Trees and certain gatekeeper species as we restore Wild Ginger and Devils Club in the forest along with restoring and rewilding footpaths.

What’s included within each expedition…

Each two day expedition includes exciting and comforting features that bridge wellness with the natural world. Each program includes:
  • Airport shuttle and touring between the Sanctuary Forest Centre and forest trailheads.
  • Each program is guided by professional Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guides and Practitioners.
  • Comfortable Glamping Tents and Retreat facilities.
  • Numerous gentle guided walkabouts with meditation sessions connected to unique forest ecosystems.
  • Each program includes the Wildcraft Forest 6 Session Yasei Shinrin Yoku Experience.
  • Features ten different Yasei Shinrin Yoku exercises everyday.
  • Profile five different wild plants everyday including plant identification as well as food and medicinal values.
  • Daytime and evening presentations and discussions about Yasei Shinrin Yoku and the wild relationships that link better health with nature.
  • Healing and bodywork demonstrations.
  • Culinary learning so that you can rewild your diet.
  • Ample alone time that’s just for you.
  • Each program includes Earth stewardship experiences and methods of modern and ancient caretaking as well as ceremonies which can help offer protection and restore balance in the forest. 
  • We offer an extra free day so that you can arrive early and relax.

2024 Date:
June 22 - 23

$290 per person (Canadian dollars) includes accommodation and more.
Tribe of Five Rate: Reserve five spaces for $1160 or $232 per person.
The Wildcraft Forest presents four different Yasei Shinrin Yoku Destination Retreats. As forest expeditions each is connected to a different element of energy in the diverse pristine forests of British Columbia.


Yasei Shinrin Yoku Wild Earth Retreat – 2 Days - $290