Wildcraft Forest School and Visitor Staging Area – Monashee Watershed – Barb Lake
Creighton Valley Road, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada – 250.547.2001
Wildcraft Forest Botanicals and Online Services
1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada
250.547.9812 - Email: treks(at)uniserve.com - Web www.wildcraftforest.com
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Our Wild Server Packs a perfect for cafés and restaurants.
Our wild teas provide your café or restaurant with a great taste edition to your menu. At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts.
  • Our new Habitat Teas are blends specifically designed for cafes and restaurants.
  • Our Naked Hippie Cocktail Blends are designed specifically as alcohol mixers.
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Serve up the Wild…
Become a Wild Tea Trader
Wildcraft Forest can provide you with great opportunities. We wildcraft artisan herbal teas, health and culinary blends and fine art made from the wilds of British Columbia’s mountains and forests. We invite you to carry our products within your retail outlet or develop your own home-based Wild Tea Party Network. You can also offer your customers our Wildcrafting Courses. Get started with our Wild Tea Trader Pack for $190
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At the Wildcraft Forest we are presently working in remote areas. There is still a team at the forest, however visiting the wild tea shop and participating in tours requires calling us in advance at 250.547.9812.
We will be returning to regular hours by this coming weekend.
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British Columbia, Canada
North Okanagan - Monashee
Featured internationally in Tea Magazine, Westworld Magazine, Vancouver Sun, National CBC Television, Okanagan Life, Radio Canada, Calgary Herald, and British Columbia Magazine
Explore the Sacred Forest
Learn about the forest that we dwell within. Learn how we protect it and restore it. Learn about our promise and how you can share in the experience of connecting with the mysteries of this sacred forest.
Learn more about the Sacred Forest
wild tea
As wildcrafters we create tisanes within a dedicated promise to protect and restore Planet Earth. We offer you a wild tea subscription service that we call “Vibe”. You can also visit a collection of fine locations that carry our products and support our mission.

At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts – learn about our various teas, cocktail blends and foods.

Explore Wild Tea
The Wildcraft Forest School
The Wildcraft Forest School issues a Wildcraft Practitioners Diploma. We offer seasonal classes, seminars, fieldtrips and workshops, which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals. For 30 years we have sought to share quality experiences, from leading edge artists, thinkers and do’ers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our scope is to link the arts, creativity, permaculture, food, wellness and activism with wildcrafting and the sentient Earth.

Please view the current learning programs we have
available as well as our registration information.

Wildcrafting: Plant Spirit Medicines
With “Sentience”, the Wildcraft Forest creates wellness from the wild as we carefully harvest forest and savannah botanicals for essences, flower remedies, perfumes, cosmetics and medicinal teas. More and more synthetics are appearing within all forms of wellness products and cosmetics; even the plants contained within “natural” blends may have been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

At the Wildcraft Forest we provide makers of medicines, perfumers and makers of fine essential oils and essences with wildcrafted “Mother Tree” botanicals and unique forest blends which are truly “natural” and represent the edge of fragrance and medicine. Visit our store page to find the products we have available, and learn more about our Mother Tree Dispensaries and our Sentience label.

Explore Sentience
We offer courses in Plant Spirit Medicines where we travel students into rainforest or alpine areas to study medicinal plants and trees within the context of wildcrafting. Participants are introduced to wild medicine plant propagation methods that link Earth energies, harvesting and stewardship practices all driven by wild dynamics. Participants are introduced to the art of alchemy that includes exploration into historical blending practices that includes fermentation, extracts, teas and topicals. We dwell within a remote deep rainforest where water energies interact with ecosystems that present unique sentient power that demonstrate how a forest can become a healer of most afflictions.

Learn more about the Wildcraft Forest School
and Plant Spirit Medicines
At Wildcraft Forest Botanicals we provide wild plant restoration, propagation, growing and harvesting services under a strict code of ethics that includes our promise. Our regenerative approach to stewardship serves a model for re-wilding and offers food and health care sectors an opportunity to transition to a “regenerative” approach to business and supply. Our “Mother Tree” system of harvesting contains an Ayurvedic approach, which helps to elevate the nature of wellness within natural formulas. Learn more about our restoration efforts, plant sourcing, contract growing, harvesting and our partners.


Mother Tree and Our Promise
Learn about the wild botanicals that we are harvesting and discuss how we can supply your mission. Learn how we mix ecology, nature-supported-agriculture and storytelling.
The Wildcraft Forest Botanicals is located in the Monashee Region of British Columbia just on the edge of the North Okanagan, one hour from Kelowna and 20 minutes from Vernon and just east of Lumby enroute to Cherryville and Nakusp.
Rewild 2019!
Grow Wild
Yasei Sanctuary Forests
The Wildcraft Forest practices regenerative forest stewardship, which includes propagating “whole forest systems”; this includes the forest over-story and the under-story. We have created a network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests which serve as protected forests where each is used as a base to protect and restore wild ecosystems while propagating wild and domesticated food and medicine crops in small wild dynamic gardens. Our Community Supported Wildcrafting (CSW) membership helps with the planting, growing, care and harvesting of wild systems; at the same time members learn various aspects of plant spirit medicines which includes Yaseiki Programs. Members might help for the day or for a few days at a time.

Help us grow Yasei Sanctuary Forests
Seeds to Trees
At the Wildcraft Forest we plant new old growth forests Our Seeds to Trees initiative seeks to gather the ancient genetic memory found within old growth forests and then to regenerate those species in riparian ecosystems. Learn about our efforts as we create wild plant nurseries in remote areas, collect old growth seeds and then plant these treeas in remote areas. We are endeavoring to collect seeds, germinate and plant 10,000 seedlings by 2019 using the “old ways”.

Learn more about Seeds to Trees

Our world is rich with simple pleasures and our community is eager to share such wealth with you. So every month we are sending you our discoveries. We wildcraft deep in British Columbia’s mountains and forests and we make some of the most unique culinary, wellness, art and craft products on Earth and this helps us to deliver good work that regenerates wild ecosystems as we teach others the importance of rewilding. The Wildcraft Forest now delivers this experience to you every month with our Wild Vibe – Simple Pleasures Subscription Box.

Learn more about the “Wild Vibe
Simple Pleasures Subscription Box”

Community Supported Wildcrafting
The Wild Vibe: Rewild a Café
We want to rewild all places local! We want to rewild a 1000 cafes and neighborhoods! We are asking you to become a leader in the Rewilding Movement by transitioning tastes and consciousness within your circle of friends, your neighborhood and your community. By helping us to rewild cafes, teashops, restaurants and other food and drink establishments you will help to build awareness about the importance of becoming closer to nature in our everyday lives.

Rewild a café in your community

At the Wildcraft Forest we are always exploring new ways that more people can de-urbanize and spent quality time in the natural world. Through the Wildcraft Forest School we teach people to become stewards of planet Earth, and by doing so we create a ripple effect whereby we reach more people. Here’s the promise we make.

Explore our Wildcrafters Village projects and our membership
Yasei Shinrin Yoku: Teachers Training
The Wildcraft Forest School offers a unique approach to Shinrin Yoku, which is Japanese for "Forest Bathing" and means "taking in the forest atmosphere". Our approach to Shinrin Yoku incorporates wildcrafting, which includes a tangible understanding of the sentient forest. Join us for our distance learning course and become a Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guide.

Yasei Shinrin Yoku Teachers Training - Online

Become a Wild Tea Merchant
We’re always eager to find more locations for Wildcraft Forest tea. So if you frequent a café, or tea shop…put in a good word for us…when you buy a cup of Wildcraft Forest you change the world…for the better.
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Wild Tea
Here’s where you can find Wildcraft Forest Tea.
Sanctuary Forests: Wildcrafters Village
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The Wildcraft Forest teaches a unique form of forest therapy we call Yasei Shinrin Yoku or Wild Forest Bathing. We offer practitioner certification camps here at the Wildcraft Forest and guide certification through our Distance Learning Program. Currently we have active certification programs in 18 countries. Learn More...
The Wildcraft Forest is now open for 2019 reservations. Register for our camps a save with early bird specials. Purchase your 2019 Membership and join us all summer long. And check out our Christmas Trees!
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Yasei Shinrin Yoku
Forest Therapy Certification
5 day camps in the wilds of British Columbia.
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Wildcrafting Basics – Weekend Adventures. Learn wild plant identification and the basics of plant spirit medicine and rewilding your diet.
Early bird specials for the first 80 folks
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Community Memberships
Join us for a Wild Pigrimage; restoring remote forests and great discounts plus a Wildcraft Forest Camping Pass.
Explore our 2019 Membership

Yasei Sanctuary Airbnb
at the Wildcraft Forest
Our 2019 calendar is now open. We have four large deluxe tents completely outfitted with themes of the Canadian outback in a wild forest bathing sanctuary where meditation and communing with nature are daily events.
Stay and Explore

​Learn more about more offerings by visiting our Summer Adventure Page.
Or you can email or call us at 250.547.2001
Join us for Mystery School Weekends such as Sacred Synergies and Sacred Places of the Monashee
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