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Visit Canada’s only wild tea plantation. On the edge of the Okanagan Valley it’s here that the mystical Monashee Mountains bring together rainforests and dry grasslands. Embark on a network of paths to discover environmental art in a landscape of wild herbs. Explore how we create art, fine craft and our unique herbal tea blends – wild in every way.

Wild Tea Plantation
We wildcraft artisanal herbal teas, health and culinary blends and fine art made from the wilds of British Columbia’s mountains and forests.
Explore the Wildcraft Forest Apothecaeri and discover our artisanal wildcrafted teas, potions and fine art and craft. Browse our online store or better yet visit our Plantation.

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Explore the Sacred Forest
Learn about how we harvest and how you can share in the experience of connecting with the mysteries of this sacred forest.
Sacred Forest

Visit the Wildcraft Forest Art Village and see our creative factory in the woods. It’s here you will find that nature and fine art and décor become one in the same.
Art Village
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Wild Tea Tours

Summer Workshops
The Monashee - Read about this region. Highland Treks   Monashee Almanac
Wildcraft Forest 1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia - Discovery Centre 250.547.9812 - Email: treks(at) - Web
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Featured internationally in Tea Magazine, Westworld Magazine, Vancouver Sun, National CBC Television, Okanagan Life, Calgary Herald, and British Columbia Magazine
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Hours: 11am - 4pm
Wilderness and Wildcrafted Art and Décor Antiques and Archeological Reproductions.
At the Wildcraft Lodge we create unique one-of-kind art forms using natural materials gathered from nature. We create collectibles, décor and feature environments for homes, businesses and resorts that can be described within Canadiana, Mountain, Western and Southwest design themes.
Our Wild Server Packs a perfect for cafés and restaurants.
Our wild teas provide your café or restaurant with a great taste edition to your menu. At the Wildcraft Forest our wild herb, fruit and berry flavoured tea blends offer a unique full-bodied taste that exemplifies the British Columbia wilderness. Each herbal tea is designed specifically to assist the body in healing and stress relief and considers ancient wisdom associated with the culinary and healing arts.
  • Our new Habitat Teas are blends specifically designed for cafes and restaurants.
  • Our Naked Hippie Cocktail Blends are designed specifically as alcohol mixers.
Get started with our Wild Server Pack for $210
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Become a Wild Tea Trader
Wildcraft Forest can provide you with great opportunities. We wildcraft artisan herbal teas, health and culinary blends and fine art made from the wilds of British Columbia’s mountains and forests. We invite you to carry our products within your retail outlet or develop your own home-based Wild Tea Party Network. You can also offer your customers our Wildcrafting Courses.

Get started with our Wild Tea Trader Pack for $190
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LOVE. “The Alchemy of Synchronicity in Spoken Word and Tastes”
Valentine's Day February 14th in West Kelowna at L’Oven Farm Fresh Foods
Join Don Elzer from the Wildcraft Forest on Valentines Day in West Kelowna when he will be sharing a selection of spoken words, ideas, tastes and ancient mysteries about love and synchronicity all rooted within the natural world. He will be sharing stories about five love potions and five sacred places in the Okanagan that carry a natural intention towards romance.
This event will be taking place on Valentine's Day February 14th at L’Oven Farm Fresh Foods, which is located at Paynters Market at #100 – 2565 Main Street, West Kelowna There is no charge for this event which will begin at about 2pm and there is seating for about 45.
Location: L’Oven Farm Fresh Foods
#100 – 2565 Main Street, West Kelowna, BC.
Phone 778.754.7070

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