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I promise to dedicate my life to the protection of Planet Earth and her organic multidimensional systems and to elements of sentient stewardship driven by “agape” principles. I will take personal responsibility for the human presence on Planet Earth; and will seek to solve problems and restore her natural systems that support life and the presence of being.
“Rewild” is the distance-learning program offered by the Wildcraft Forest School. We offer online courses, seminars and outdoor challenges and restoration programs which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals.

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Mystery School
With the Earth being placed at risk it has become necessary to find, educate and initiate new keepers of ancient wisdom. In every Wildcraft Forest School course new keepers have emerged and in order to further support this effort we have made public our Mystery School that will share the “lesser mysteries” in this realm we call "wild mysticism".

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Coach - Re-wild Online
Shamanic Coach Certification
Distance Learning
Course lessons begin within two weeks of registering with this program.

distance learning
Shamanic Coach Primary Certification
Distance Learning
Regular Fee: $580.00 Canadian Dollars

You may register using this secure Paypal link:
As a certified Shamanic Coach you will be helping people to navigate life choices in an effort for them to realize their true meaning and purpose. The lesson series includes an advanced teaching of wild plant characteristics and properties within a number of wild ecosystems and places them into a context that includes plant spirit medicine and within the realm of contemporary Shamanism and historical alchemy. This series focuses on dimensional energy and developing skills linked to ancient forms of intuition within the context of Wild Dynamic Biofield Therapy. This series goes into details regarding Totemism and places both plant and animal spirit energy and symbolism so that they include one’s local environment. The series also prepares participants so that they may move into a more advanced understanding of “traditional” forms of Shamanism which supports regenerative stewardship.
Included in this certification series are the following learning modules:

  • Wild Dynamic Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Counseling and Dreamwork
  • Ancestral Mapping
  • Addressing Anomic Depression and Rewilding “Purpose”.
  • Plants and Ecology Studies, Biosemiotics, Microbe Studies
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • The Cosmic Tree and Ceremony
  • Plant Spirit Guilds
  • Plant Deities, Ceremonial Protection and Sacred Circles
  • The Nature and Methods of Ecstasy and Soul Travel
  • Animal Speak and Totemism - Understanding and Practice
  • Strengthening a Relationship with Nature
  • Understanding and Practicing Shamanism and Firekeeping
  • Divination Methods
  • Sound and Organic Frequencies

The lesson series also outlines business models and examines social and cultural trends so that a Shamanic Coach can begin an independent practice.

Shamanic Coach Certification
This online certification program takes a practical approach towards contemporary Shamanism as an important tool to nurture “meaning and purpose” within individuals, families and groups. This series is ideal for people interested in spirituality and the science of body, mind and spirit and has been developed to support cross cultural understanding, and methods for making “First Contact” with energies, beings and ideas. This online lesson series is also ideal for professionals in the fields of counseling and alternative healthcare.

distance learning
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Shamanic Coach - Distance Learning Registration Fee - $520
You may also register by Interac or
Wells Fargo Transfer. Send us an email and we will send you instructions.

  •  If you have questions please email us or call 250.547.2001