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I will study and seek to understand wild places and plant spirit medicines, craft and food that considers biodiversity and shadow biodiversity. I promise to re-wild food, medicines, community and the human experience including key aspects of political, economic and social structures.
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“Rewild” is the distance-learning program offered by the Wildcraft Forest School. We offer online courses, seminars and outdoor challenges and restoration programs which provide an inspirational and creative environment for students ranging from children to adults and from beginners to professionals.

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Mystery School
With the Earth being placed at risk it has become necessary to find, educate and initiate new keepers of ancient wisdom. In every Wildcraft Forest School course new keepers have emerged and in order to further support this effort we have made public our Mystery School that will share the “lesser mysteries” in this realm we call "wild mysticism".

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Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Bodywork Certification
Training Kit
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Massage Oil - 600 ml each
Primordial Oil
Mother Tree Oil
Oil of Savannah
Frequency Body Wash
3 Litres
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Wild Tea Blends – 40gr each
Tree Essence
Tree Energy
Tree Spirit
Sentience Wild Essences 25ml each
Ocean Spray
Oxeye Daisy

Wildcrafters Promise
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork Treatment 
Yasei Shinrin Yoku International Program
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork Level Certification Level 1 - Distance Learning - $480
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork Certification Training Kit - $480
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Massage Oil and Bodywork Treatments
The Wildcraft Forest School International Peogram seeks to grow the Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork and Treatment methods for bodywork practitioners that includes spas, health and wellness clinics. Yasei Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for “Wild Forest Bathing” and means "taking in the forest atmosphere". At the Wildcraft Forest our wildcrafted Massage Oils and Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork Treatments are made from botanicals found in British Columbia's remote forests, which are like a super multivitamin that provides us with all sorts of the nutrients we need to live healthy lives. Forests and nature can protect us from all these different kinds of diseases--cardiovascular, respiratory, mental health, musculoskeletal. Our massage oils, tisanes and essences are made from plants and trees that are carefully harvested and then blended at the Wildcraft Forest where we seek to provide you with wild life-force that includes essence, energy and spirit.

This certification introduces treatment methods that include massage oils, medicinal teas and essences within clinic or studio-based Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Bodywork programs. The certification provides planning support for practitioners to establish a Yasei Sanctuary Spa. This series provides an understanding of wilderness therapies and forms of wildcrafting-based nutri-ecopsychology. Upon completion of the certification program, participants will be able to apply for a Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Bodywork Certification.

Our connection to nature is embedded within our DNA, the forest provides us with all the psychological and chemical attributes needed to live healthy lives – but our challenge is to learn how to reconnect with the living forest. Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere” this popular Japanese therapy represents a new form of nature-based healing.

Shinrin-Yoku was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a building block of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Researchers primarily in Japan and South Korea have established an extensive body of scientific literature on the health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest. The Wildcraft Forest has developed a more “wild” approach to conventional Shinrin Yoku, we call this Yasei Shinrin Yoku, which combines the healing abilities presented by the natural world with spiritual and environmental stewardship and incorporates wildcrafting, which includes a tangible understanding of the sentient forest.

Yasei considers the expansion of our health, purpose and well-being as being directly related to the work that we do for the benefit of the forest – the practice considers that we and the forest are “one” and that through this presence the true natural balance of energy can be achieved that benefits both the individual and the natural world. If we invest in the health and growth of the forest then the forest will invest in us – the medium of exchange is “life-force”. We offer Yasei Shinrin Yoku as a wild treatment “experience” in the forest, and also as a clinical experience that includes nature’s nutrients in the form of medicinal teas, oils, essences and aromas.


Sections 1 , 2 and 3
Yasei Shinrin Yoku
  • Wildcrafting Basics
  • Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guide Training

Applied Wild and Indigenous Sciences 
  • Plants and Ecology Studies, Biosemiotics, Microbe Studies
  • Mother Tree Studies, Seed Saving and Stewardship

Section 4
Plant Spirit Medicines and Rewilding
  • Wild Teas and Medicinals
  • Plant Spirit Guilds
  • Plant deities, ceremonial protection and sacred practices
  • Oils and Body Treatments
  • Wild Essences
  • The nature and methods of Yasei Treatments.

Rewilding a Spa and Health Services
  • Yasei Sanctuary Spa Planning
  • Strategic business planning and marketing.
Wildcraft Forest School
International Program:
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Bodywork & Spa Certification
Distance Learning or Camp Series

Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Bodywork Certification provides bodywork practitioners with enhanced opportunities that will compliment their independent practice. 

distance learning
Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Bodywork Certification Distance Learning Series Cost:
$480 (Canadian Dollars)

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